BestMaven - recruitment methods 


Our work starts from the diagnosis of actual Client needs when we also decide on the tools and services that will satisfy current needs. During the search for Candidates, we use methods which allow us to reach either a large group of people meeting the criteria of the Customer or certain individuals that are perfect for the position. The most important are:

We have our own database containing profiles of candidates in different fields.
Direct & Executive search
Direct method of Candidates acquisition is used primarily for managerial and specialist positions. BestMaven reaches highly qualified Candidates who often do not seek work actively. We find them, present an offer and encourage to participate in the recruitment process.
Search & Selection
The most common method of obtaining talents used for junior and specialist positions. Search & Selection method uses job ads and appropriate media to reach suitable Candidates.
It is a conscious process of building network of contacts and then exchange of the information and resources through them to carry out the recruitment processes
Social media
Social networks currently play an important role in the lives of most people - they have own place also in the process of recruitment. Our attention is focused on platforms which bring together specialists.
>Project Management
Advertising campaigns
BestMaven designs comprehensive advertising services, defines places in which the offer will be published and chooses most effective methods for identifying the Candidates.