BestMaven - why us? 

Why BestMaven?

Knowledge and experience

We are business practitioners with rich experience in various industries who are thoroughly orientated in the needs of employers and employees. BestMaven specializes in direct recruitment methods – Direct and Executive Search – as they allow us to reach talents with the highest competences.

Professional methods

Using modern HR tools, BestMaven not only reaches suitable candidates faster, but also appoints them through the detailed selection process. We conduct recruitment projects in Polish, English, Ukrainian and Arabic languages and offer flexible service models tailored to individual Customer needs. One of our main features is strong commitment to build relationships between the Customer and the Candidate.

Your success – our success

Cooperating with BestMaven means for our Clients significantly reduced bureaucracy, lower labor costs and full scope of recruitment services with less formalities. The time, which the Client would spend on the long and complicated recruitment process, can be invested into business development.

Quality assurance

Our team of professional recruiters is trained to verify competences of most Candidates for the IT, PR & Marketing, Finance and Project Management positions. To ensure the highest standards, we also cooperate with several professional institutions and organizations which can support us in the most complex recruitment processes.